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It is a fact that global warming, caused by the rapid increase of consumption by the world’s population (currently close to $30 trillion), threatens our Earth’s future. What mankind currently consumes is greater than half the planet’s capacity to replace. Radically changing this pattern is the only way for an effective Sustainability Policy to work.

Because it believes that simple actions can benefit the planet, PL Group promotes corporate lectures to guide its partners to practice sustainability in the workplace as well as at home. A few lecture highlights:

  • Make sure to close faucets adequately and repair and leakage immediately
  • Maintain electric wiring in good condition
  • Use low-consumption lightbulbs and eletronic equipment
  • Don’t keep eletronics in “standby” mode when you’re not using them
  • Avoid using electronic devices during peak hours
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Opt to buy from sustainable suppliers
  • Set printers to power save mode
  • Only print when necessary
  • Reduce printed and written correspondence; reuse and recycle
  • Reuse packages received via mail
  • Separate garbage into recyclables and organic
  • Reduce the use of disposable material
  • When cleaning, use only biodegradable products
  • Reduce waste
  • Use dry-cleaning systems for vehicles
  • Reuse shower water for gardening and landscaping
  • Update vehicle maintenance to control/avoid air pollutants

Data from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Global Footprint Network